Business Process Management Essay

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Faculty of Business and Law

MPM 701 –Business Process Management
Trimester 3, 2010

Group 25

Student Name Proportion ID
Zijia Cheng 33% 211676317

Dimitri Kaushik 33% 211176703

Xin Huang 33% 800713655

Lecturer Mike Bengough
Due Date 26/8/2011
Word Count 1959 words


This report is prepared to analyze the declining profits for Ben’s Omnicron. We focus on the internal factors like controls and enablers for problems and the inputs, and outputs problems. Firstly we use the business process management strategy to describe why BPM is important and what the benefits can get if Omnicrons use it to improve their efficiency. And then we use Gap
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35-38). BPM provides benchmarking which allows change and evolution to the customer value and customer needs. Well designed operational and managerial processes leads to the successful achievement of product leadership. Companies such as Ryanair, ING Direct and AB-InBev are primary examples of how a relentless focus on efficiency streamlined and standardized operations, reducing wastes and variability are the source of competitive advantage (Stijn Viaene, Joachim Van den Bergh, Friederike Schrodar-Pander and Willem Mertens, bptrends, September 2010).

(, n.d.)

The value chain is a model designed by Michael Porter that helps to analyze specific activities through which firms can create value and competitive advantage. Fingar (2005) identifies the importance of Porter's value chain for process improvement. Value chain will help identify the core business processes of Omnicron and by proper study we will be able to improve and better manage these processes (Sanjay Chib & France Cheong, Pacific Asia Conference on Information System, 2009). According to this, for Ben Omnicron’s value chain we can identify the core business processes which are Primary Activities – Purchasing, Production, Sales and Logistics whereas, the Support activities – Accounting and HR.

2.0 Problem analysis
Our group considers that the most problems for Omnicrons are its inefficiency and order delays. How to

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