Business Plan Marketing 499 Essay

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Marshalls Nursery
Bachelors Capstone Final Project

Matthew J Marshall

Darlene Ringhand

Table of Contents

Section 1: Executive Summary (Business Description) 2
Section 2: Code of Conduct 3
Section 3: Marketing Plan (Strategy and SWOT) 4
Section 4: Operations 5
Section 5: Finance 6
Section 6: Cash Flow Analysis 7
Section 7: Information Management 8
Section 8: Management Summary 9
References 10
Appendix 11

Starting a new/ successful business can be one of the hardest things that a person can do in their life. The business can come second to nothing in life , not even your family. This is often where people make the mistake and get in to deep. Planning is just the beginning but is the most important
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I have a strong belief that you should never tell someone to do something that you wouldn’t want to do yourself. The company will have a structure that starts with the CEO at the top and then down to two assistant managers. The assistant managers will be the ones that are responsible for all of the handling of cash in the mornings and at night and dealing with serious issues throughout any given day. The next level will be three yard managers. Yard managers are responsible for ensuring that everything is completed in the yard and that all of the plants are looking healthy. The will have the ability to delegate to any of the 10 employees working under them. The basic employee will be hourly and do all of the daily task such as helping customers to their cars and watering all of the plants. I believe that by setting up Marshalls nursery in this type of management structure it will greatly benefit the company. Everyone will know what the hierarchy is in the company and know who they can go to for help. Many people would say that this is almost a form of micromanagement but it is needed when you have a company with so many different variables. This structure will also utilize all of the employees’ strengths and eliminate tasks that they may be weak in. Overall, this is just a brief description of the company that I would like to start and how I plan on going about starting it. In weeks to fallow I will slowly build on these values that I

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