Business Marketing Plan Essay

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Executive Summary

There are a plethora of restaurants for people to go to get a fast delicious meal. However, the options for healthy eating are far and few in between. BDK Foods was created for the individual or family looking for a healthy food option to choose from without having to be tempted by not so healthy options. At BDK Foods, we keep only healthy items on the menu, therefore there is no need to feel tempted if your friend comes along and order French fries with heavy cheese, because we don’t serve that. Co founders Albandri Banfarj, Khalid Binfaraj, and Andrea Zlochower founded BDK Foods Restaurant because we ourselves were on a health kick and it was difficult to find restaurants that catered
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In our marketing plan, you will also find our mission statement and a thorough breakdown of our plan.
As you will see later on included in this marketing plan, it took quite a bit of funding to start this restaurant $3,292,600.00. With a solid marketing plan being established, we the owners and investors would like to to achieve the following goals:
Non-financial goals – 1. To offer our restaurant as a franchise opportunity for other investors. 2. To open up restaurants in Broward, Martin, and Saint Lucie counties. 3. To offer breakfast by the third year of operating.
Financial goals – 1. Offer full time employees the option of attending college on-line with a tuition reimbursement and / or scholarship program. 2. Achieve enough funding to pay off any additional restaurants in cash.

Business Overview BDK Foods Restaurant offers a healthy option menu, which includes mixed green salads (spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, and chard lettuce), with toppings that includes chopped tomatoes, quinoa, brown rice, chickpeas, onions, cucumbers, beets, and protein sides which includes chicken breast, salmon, and tilapia. Healthy only options of beverages includes: bottled water, coconut water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened lemonade, and stevia soda. With customers that still may like to add a bit of sugar, stevia sugar will be provided as an option to include in their soft beverages. These items are unique as we’ve checked out our

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