Business Management Essay

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Integrative Project
Luisa McCarthy
The Reflective Manager 699
Dr. Leroy T. Brady
July 27, 2014


The several management knowledge courses I have completed in the Masters of Arts program, perform a strategic audit and analysis of my target organization. My primary target organization which is my current employer La Vista Memorial Park (LVMP). La Vista is a family-owned and operated cemetery in National City, a city where two in three residents is of Hispanicc background. These courses have prompted a real learning of Self both as to social and analytic competencies. This paper will integrate what I have learned from my assignments into a closing reflection on my target organization, its challenges,
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program. My first course-Managerial Assessment and Learning Plan, was designed to help me make an assessment of managerial competencies including: personal skills, people management skills, analytic skills, and career- specific skills. It was very helpful as an introduction to management self-awareness and was designed to help discover me discover “who I am and where do I want to be” (Boyatzis, 2001). That helped me a learning plan that will guide me to accomplish my personal and professional goals. It was based on my self-assessment and the assessment of my peers and offered an opportunity to examine my “Real Self” in search of my “Ideal Self.” I identified my areas of weakness and strength, an important step in starting to correct my bad habits. A learning plan provided direction for the next 18 months of coursework to become a better person both personally and professionally. I realize completely that the only way to grow is to be truthful with yourself and be willing to change. Of course, change does not come easily when you have carried yourself a certain way for years. I have a “guard up,” approach and show little emotion in certain situations that may require the demonstration of empathy. In my previous profession, I had worked in the correctional field with federal inmates and worked under very strict and sometimes intimidating leaders. That has shaped me to be analytical and

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