Business Management Case Study On The Roaring Dragon Hotel

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This case study focusses on the Roaring dragon hotel which was a 3 star hotel highly regarded in the region of south west china. It was started in early 1950’s and it enjoyed a very long, colorful legacy of more than 50 years as a premium hotel. It was a state possessed endeavor. By year 2000, hotel’s popularity was on a verge of decline and there was a loss in business. In order to generate profits, provincial government decided to expand and modernize the hotel in order to retrieve the hotel’s potential. They identified Hotel international(HI) for this job. As soon as the modernization responsibilities were taken over by hotel international, there was lot of chaos and problems at Roaring dragon hotel during the execution of the
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As soon as the renovation responsibilities were given to hotel international and their management took over, structural and organizational changes made in the hotel were not well received by the roaring dragon hotel employees and this led to high turnover of layoffs and resignations. During this layoff’s, senior hotel employees who were critical and key to the success of the hotel were lost which had huge impact on business connections and relationships which badly affected the business, which was already in trouble. Also, hotel international management failed in negotiations with Nu Fu travel agency, which was one of the key and crucial source for bringing in good business to the hotel. There was a lot of miscommunication between the hotel international and roaring dragon hotel employees. The morale was very low and also the friendly work environment was destroyed. Also, there was customer dissatisfaction due to the lack …show more content…
For any project small or big, one of the considerations is change management, it has to be approached with due care. “The best change practitioners balance rational, data driven approaches, with a deep understanding of emotional drivers” (Merrell, 2012). Coming to this case study, understanding of Gaunxi culture and communicating is very crucial in the success of the hotel. Cultural awareness plays an important role in effective communications and success in international business (Tian & Borges, 2011). Employee recognition and appreciation is crucial for increasing productivity in any business. Hotel international should have also hired a local language speaking manager which would have been of great help to all the employees and customers speaking the local language. Creating friendly atmosphere and communication is critical for success of the hotels. Also, providing best hospitality to the customers ensuring there is enough privacy for the customers is crucial as well. A preliminary assessment should be done before the breakup and “managers often fail to successfully quantity the value created by the alliance” (Gulat , Sytch, & Mehrotra , 2008)

I truly believe that Roaring dragon hotel can attain a 5 star hotel status if cultural sensitivity and cultural

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