Business Management, And Decision Making Process Essay

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Business Management, and Decision-Making Process
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Marks & Spencer
Executive Summary As the other industries, the garment industry is one of the prominent component, where as a country, the leader is China. Marks and Spencer is one of the UK’s large sized- retailer company, which has a stores over the world, and beside to food, that provides a unique and high- qualitative products, at a reasonable price. A structure of the Marks and Spencer, makes it different from its competitors, which mentioned widely, in below. Marks and Spencer has a competitive advantage on its competitors, by offering them a unique, and high qualitative product, at a reasonable price. The company has the Board operating system, in order to make quick and right decisions on time, and take into account about the future, for instance how to overcome the obstacles. Introduction Clothing and textiles exemplify seven per cent of world exports, in the current situation. In China, where leading the share of world trade, and which has a rapid growing internal market,…

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