Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Reading a couple of stories on as suggested by our Learning Journal assignment this week and to select one to write and analyze, the story about John Mackey a co-founder of Whole Foods Market stood out to me. Business ethics as Gruble writes is based on the values and codes of the company and can be written or unwritten and what is good or wrong is depending on the companies attitude and culture and applies to every level of the company (2011). I would certainly think that a co-founder of such a big company like Whole Foods Market personal association’s in private and public is very important in aspect in showing what his personal views of the world are, the headline “Spotlight on Whole Foods CEO’s Ties to ‘Spiritual Leader with Troubled Past’” certainly paints a negative picture of him already to me (O 'Brien, 2016). I shall do my best to use the tools we learned on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility to analyze this dilemma and if there is anything wrong and why and what should be done.
According to O’Brien “John Mackey the CEO of Whole Foods Market is associated with Marc Gafni who is a former Rabbi that sells himself as a visionary thinker, philosopher, wisdom teacher and provocateur, but Gafni is been accused of plagiarism and sexual misconduct by exploiting two minors and affairs with his women follows that even The New York Times wrote about his troubles” (2016). John Mackey is associated to Marc Gafni with the group “Center for…

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