Business Culture and Strategy Outcome2 Essay

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Importance of Organisational Culture

Organisational cultures are created by people. An organisation’s culture is also created and maintained by the organisations leadership. Organisational culture is important to alphabet games because the culture of the workplace shapes the way the employees act and relate to others both internally and externally. This can have a significant effect on the way the organisation operates. The culture is the feel we get when we walk into an organisation, made up of assumptions, values and norms. The attitude, behaviour and traits that dominate the organisation can affect the way we act with other individuals. Every organisations culture varies.

There are four main elements of culture, which are:
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Alphabet games must make quick decisions based on what the customers want. The bet the organisation culture would be best for planning for the future. By factoring in expanding risk to their business plans and projects they can ensure the right decisions are made. This may not have a positive effect on the management approach due to feedback being slow as it can sometimes take years before knowing whether a decision has paid off. Organisational Culture and Behaviour The cultural web identifies six elements that make up what Johnson and Scholes call the paradigm which is the pattern or model of the working environment. All factors can be identified in both the culture of an organisation and the behaviour which makes them so similar. They are so closely linked that one can influence the other. The culture can alter the behaviour of the employees and the behaviour can define the culture. Behaviour can change instantly when facing new circumstances but to change culture would take time and effort from management. In most organisations the behaviour of employees is learnt from management. Alphabet games have a strong management approach, both in culture and behaviour. They aim to satisfy customers by being at the top of their game by offering bespoke software solutions and outstanding gaming

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