Essay on Burning The Bible By Ray Bradbury

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Ricardo Tello
Period 8
Burning the Bible In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury wrote in a certain style, Speculative Literature, that answered questions about the suppression of ideas and the dangers of living in a world run by technology. His novel talked about burning books because books can be offensive to certain people and their beliefs. One book that should be eradicated from the earth is the bible. The bible is considered very controversial and has many different teachings that can be interpreted in negative ways. Instead of uniting people it has separated them to into many groups.
The bible is "the collection of sacred writings of the Christian religion, comprising the Old and New Testaments." The bible is basic guidelines for the Christian and Jewish faith. Burning the bible can remove the religious barrier in society. This would help solve many issues in the world today. One issue is "Holy War" that is still present today. Holy War is "a war that is fought to defend or spread one group 's religious beliefs." There are many reasons for war but religion by far is the most illogical. It is unnecessary to fight a person just because they believe in a different God or savior. Currently today there is a religious terrorist group, ISIS, that is targeting people of other religions. One article describes their latest crime as, “The Christians are then made to lay face-down and are simultaneously beheaded, with their bloody heads then laid on their bodies.” These…

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