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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a novel that helped lay the foundation for the civil war. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author seeked to communicate to the readers that slavery is inhumane and should be abolished. The author does this by using the slave’s personal incidents, religion, and key characters.
Stowe looks to communicate to her audience that slavery is morally wrong by using the slave’s personal incidents along with the way masters treated them, in which many cases they were forced to do things they didn’t want to do. Through that she is able to emotionally get to the readers. For example, when George’s master forces him to marry Mina regardless the fact that he is married and had a child (chapter 3). Another example is
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It also gave them reasons to why they should stay loyal to their masters. The author includes a situation where Cassy tells Tom that because he is a slave there is no hope and that he should give up. In return Tom tells her that she shouldn’t let the evils of slavery interfere with her beliefs (chapter 34). This is an eye opening situation because it shows the readers how strong a slave’s faith can be regardless all the bad in their lives. Stowe includes another incident with Cassy and Tom, where Cassy tells Tom she wants to kill Lagree, Tom insists that she shouldn’t do that because it’s is a sin and encourages her to escape instead (chapter 38). This communicates to the audience that slaves were treated so badly that they became psychologically affected and were tempted to do things because of anger that had been building up because they could never say anything to their owners. It also shows how they respected their owners and are loyal to …show more content…
Shelby, she believed slavery was morally wrong therefore she treated the slaves kindly. She was one of the few people who wanted to help slaves instead of mistreat them. An example of this was when the author speaks about Mrs. Shelby’s approval for slave marriage, she is fascinated by the idea (chapter 2). Another event that supports this claim is when Mrs. Shelby proclaims that slavery is a sin and she wants to do something to stop it, therefore she suggests selling her watch in exchange for keeping her slaves and not selling them (chapter 5). This is important because it conveys to the readers that although many individuals treated slaves horribly, there were good people that actually treated slaves like humans and were willing to sacrifice things the way slaves did. Those slaves who had slave owners like Mrs. Shelby were truly

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