Burger King Scored National Attention For Their August 2015 Campaign

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Burger King scored national attention for their August 2015 campaign “McWhopper”. According to AdWeek, “Last August, the brand came up with a clever idea to hopefully band together with one of its greatest competitors—McDonald 's—on Peace Day. BK bought a full-page ad in The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune (the city where the McDonald 's headquarters is located), publishing an open letter of sorts to McDonald 's, asking the brand to collaborate on a limited product, the "McWhopper," to be sold one day only,” (Richards, 2016). The one-day McWhopper would have been in honor of World Peace Day.
However, McDonald’s did not accept the offer to collaborate, “McDonald 's CEO Steve Easterbrook suggested the brands team up at a later date to create a "meaningful global effort," but BK had already gained a huge amount of media attention for its work,” (Richards, 2016). In addition to generating buzz, the “McWhopper” campaign received international accolades. The McWhopper campaign won an award at the Cannes“ Y&R New Zealand won another Grand Prix award, this time in the Media category, for its Burger King "McWhopper" campaign,” (Richards, 2016).
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