Bullying Thesis Statement

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Cyber bullying is a problem all across the world it has no bound. It has gone undetected most of the time. Cyber bulling is a very harmful and it can become fatal now that it has become a fact of life more people are standing up to fight against it. But there is still a lot of work to be done.


Jill Laster , TTHE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, 2 SCHOLARS EXAMINE CYBERBULLYING AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS A girl name Megan who was 14 at the time she was bully through the internet, No one knew that this was going on she kill herself. Megan 's death made national news and spark a wave of research on cyber bullying awareness. In hope that people will know what cyber bully was and that it does exist. Baylor 's School
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"bully-victim" group", but it is not clear what the dynamic there is The author was a news writer for the Chronicle. The application is current but you can search for a more current issue. The writing is clearly written. The main question that was address in research between male and female. What is the difference between cyber bullying and traditional bullying? Is there a difference?
Jason Koebler ,Cyber Bullying Growing Malicious, Experts Say,June 3, 2011 | 8:00 am. EDT May 31, about 18 percent of high school administrators reported they had to deal with cyber bullying once a week or more. But some experts disagree on the prevalence of cyber bullying, some of the experts are asking who 's responsible for preventing it, and how to define it. Bullies have gotten more complex and malicious when it comes to Internet access becomes. Internet mobile devices and asocial networking has becomes more intertwined with students ' everyday lives.. At least 40 percent of high school students have been cyber bullied in high school, this figure is nearly double among middle school students.."They call it digital drama, they call it life '” One reason why they don 't want to call it bullying because they believe it makes them look weak.. Ages 12 to 18 were found to be cyber bullied in
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Schools can take several steps to respond to specific cases.
Parents can report bullies to the social media sites most bullies violate their company’s policies, terms and conditions. contact the police. Cyber bullying is a crime when messages contain:
Threats of violence
Child pornography, photos with sexually explicit messages the person expected privacy, like a bathroom. Our their self naked These ideals I suggest if you want to play a part in protecting your children and stop cyber bullying that you can and should do any or all these steps. This a beginning and possibly the end to bully when it comes to you children or any child that you might know that is getting bullied. This information was update and very useful

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