Bullying On Any And Every Level Essay

908 Words Nov 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Did I or agree or disagree? I disagree with bullying on any and every level. Children are being casted out, because of the way that they look. And that’s from all walks of life. That is very sad from a worldly perspective. I was very surprised that the young man from Sioux City, Iowa, with 4 siblings and two parents didn’t have any friends at his school. That has to be very lonely. We are not designed to live in isolation in this world as human beings. Everybody in his class had at least 2 friends that they socialized with. I was disappointed that once he was on the bus they cussed, punched, threatened him and there was no adult other than the bus driver on the bus to police the children. Absolutely no one they had to answer to for their actions. No one sat next to him on the bus unless they were doing harm to him via verbally or physically. Before the end of the time of Alex telling his story, he said, “He believes he belongs somewhere else”. That was a cry for help! The Assistant Principal was talking to a young man and she asked him what was said about him from someone else. The boy said, “the boy called him a faggot and that breaks his heart.” That is so sad this child couldn’t be call by his name instead of a name created by someone else for him that is ugly and destructive. That is how all this bullying stuff begins with disrespectful words then it transitions unto an ugly monster. We have to teach our children to stand up for themselves. The 16-year-old girl from…

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