Bullying Is Not Only At Home And With Friends But At School Essay

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Children can go through so many obstacles in life in not only at home and with friends but at school too. A lot if the time the issues that they have with friends and at home stem from things going on in school, whether it 's from being bullied, trying to make friends at school or even feeling let down by their teachers. In “America Skips School” it really explains how children need someone to fight for them. It doesn 't matter if it 's at home or school they need someone that is going to be there for them. In “The Other Wes Moore” it shows what can happen when you leave children to fend for themselves.
Bullying can start from little jokes kids play on each other and manifest itself into something so severe that even though it might not seem like it; could wind someone in jail if not worse, prison. Bullying is something that can really affect someone; it doesn 't matter if you are a child or an adult. There is never a reason for it; the damage that can be done is not worth the bit of entertainment that someone might get from making fun of someone. Benjamin Barber states in “America Skips School” “ if we valued children, we wouldn 't let them be abused, manipulated, impoverished, and killed in their beds by gang-war crossfire and stray bullets” (232). People are only going to give you what the feel they are getting in return. If you are at a job regardless of the job; if you feel you are not going to go above and beyond. Teachers would be more likely to step in when…

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