Essay Bullying Is An Ever Present Problem

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Bullying is an ever present problem in today’s schools. It is the act of making fun of or hurting someone physically or emotionally on purpose. Children often bully to feel a sense of power or accomplishment over one of their peers. Bullying has become more than face to face confrontation but has taken over the internet and cell phones. This behavior stems from having no control and because of it, trying to gain control over other.

Bullying can happen at any age. It can be verbal or physical. A bully usually learns their hurtful behavior from their home. Parents of bullies are often controlling and degrading. They make their children feel powerless and worthless. This causes the child to lash out on others to mimic the way they are being treated. They need to regain their self-worth and this happens by taking someone else’s. Bullying can also be learned from watching adult or children bully each other. Parents may fight and essentially bully each other. A child who wants to be like their parent may favor this behavior and begin to use it, thinking it is acceptable.

Violent video games, movies and television shows are taking over our children’s lives. They are being glorified by the media and deemed acceptable by society. Children of all ages are being introduced to these violent scenes and becoming numb to gruesome things they are witnessing. Sadly, it is becoming normal to partake in war games where people kill each other and earn points for it. A child cannot separate…

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