Bullying Is A Huge Issue Essay

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Bullying has become a huge issue in today’s schools and most of the time it is being over looked and ignored. People’s thoughts are “As long as it’s not me”, “If I help them they’ll just bully me instead”, “They’re just being kids, that’s what they do”, and “They need to learn to deal with it on their own”. All of these are thoughts that people have and excuses as to why they do not intervene and stop the bullying. These excuses however are not ok, this type of thinking is what is standing in the way of ending bullying and changing someones life for the better. The sooner these excuses go away the sooner there will be peace in schools again and children will feel safe and actually enjoy going to school. After viewing the Bully movie, I had so many different emotions swarming through my head that I couldn’t even think straight. I was feeling anger, sadness, disbelief, disgust and so much more. The thought of bullying has always sickened me especially when we started to discuss it in class, but nothing we discussed prepared me for what I was feeling and thinking while watching the movie. I don’t think I’ve ever been on an emotional rollercoaster quite like this before. Even though this movie put me through the ringer, I think that this is a fantastic movie to watch and I believe that everyone should see it at least once. This movie sheds the light on what is actually going on in schools and what can become of bullying if taken to the extreme. Even though this movie is…

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