Bullying Is A Dangerous Ones Essay

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Did you know that according to a survey that is posted to the stopbully.gov website 70.6% of kids reported that they have seen some sort of bullying in their school? There are different types of bullying, but regardless of the type we need to put a stop all of it for the students because this does not just affect their school life it affects their home life too. Bullying can be a really small action that one child does to another and is over in the blink of an eye or can be something that is ongoing between the two children and can lead to serious problems, sometimes very dangerous ones such as suicide.
There are three main types of bullying that we need to focus on. There is verbal bullying, which can be things like name calling, yelling, mean comments or relentless antagonizing. The next type of bullying we have to be aware of is physical, this is things like hitting, punching, tripping, kicking, spitting or throwing things at the victim. The last type of bullying is cyber bullying, this is the most recent type of bullying we have to worry about and one that is difficult to keep under control. With cyber bullying we have to worry about kids getting information out about their peers that can be spread to the whole school fast. Things like social media, texting, instant messaging or picture messaging can all be used to cyber bully someone.
It is a common theme we see for kids to get bullied when they are considered a minority, such as the gay and lesbian crowds have a…

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