Victims Of Bullying In Schools

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In today 's society, bullying is a topic that most people bring up to talk about. Most parents, principals, school counselors, and teachers all want the same thing, to address bullying in school. However, not much is being done about bullying in schools. No one enjoys being bullied or hearing that a student is being bully. Name calling, harassing, being pressured or pushed by a bullied are some examples that most victims of bullying experiences in school. Take Vanessa’s story, she is a mother of a precious daughter. When Vanessa’s started a new school her daughter was bullied by another student at the school. After Vanessa spoke to the school principal about Vanessa’s daughter being bullied, nothing was ever done to stop them from bullying …show more content…
Most parents all want their children to feel safe in their schools. Even some teachers and principals want to see their school as a safe zone school. However in most schools, some students fear going to school because a bully is treating them unkindly. Victims of being bullied find a way to avoid the problem rather than solving it. Such as, some students find it easier to skip school to avoid being confronted by a bullied. For example, a scenario could be that a student is being physical abuse by a bully. The victim of being bullied tells the principal, however nothing is ever done. Therefore the only choice for this victim to do is skip school. Victims of being bullied would rather be at home than be physically or mentally abuse by a bully. In most serious cases, some students drop out. In an article called "More Students Drop Out In Bullying 'Climates ', reads that the more bully 's there are at schools the more dropout rates there will be (Danielle’s). The outcome of victims dropping out of school or skipping classes means failing school and missing out in achieving their dream goals. For example, a victim of being bullied dreams of one day becoming a doctor, but gets teased or harassed by other students due to jealousy. The victim of bullying then starts missing school to avoid being bullied. Slowly that dream of ever becoming a doctor vanishes because of the failing

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