The Consequences Of Bullying In Schools

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In today 's society, bullying is a topic that most people bring up to talk about. Most parents, principals, school counselors, and teachers all want the same thing, to address bullying in school. However, not much is being done about bullying in schools. No one enjoys being bullied or hearing that a student is being bully. Name calling, harassing, being pressured or pushed by a bullied are some examples that most victims of bullying experiences in school. Take Vanessa’s story, she is a mother of a precious daughter. When Vanessa’s started a new school her daughter was bullied by another student at the school. After Vanessa spoke to the school principal about Vanessa’s daughter being bullied, nothing was ever done to stop them from bullying …show more content…
Also, having low self-esteem can cause mentally problems in his or hers later life. According to Strickland, she writes in her article that some students who are bullied grow up with mental health problems (Strickland). When a student is being bullied for a long time for how look victims start to think and feel as though they are not perfect. So victims of bullying will find ways to perfect their appearance as they grow up. Some victims of being bullied may go extreme in getting plastic surgery. Even after cosmetic surgery victims of being bullied can still have low self-esteem. In Khay 's story, both of her kids were bullied because of the way they looked. Camila who is 11 years old told her mom that no one likes her and she felt ugly. Khay begins to cry with her and tells Camila the opposite. Camila then opens up to Khay about how some classmates of Camilla didn 't want to be her friend because they say that she is ugly. So these classmates would not include Camilla in any activity they did. Khay 's son, Roberto, was also bullied because of the way Roberto looked. Roberto would not tell Khay that he was being bullied until one day Khay saw a mark on Roberto 's body. Khay questioned Roberto about why he had a mark on him his body. Roberto opened up to his mom about how a student would call him fat and would hit him. Words like ugly and fat can make a person have low-self-esteem. If Camila or Roberto would never tell Khay that they were both being bullied by the way they looked Khay 's children would grow up having a low self-esteem. As a strong mother that Khay is she taught her kids to stand up for

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