School Based Bullying Research Paper

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Bullying has always been an issue in schools, whether that may be direct or indirect bullying; both types leads to victimizing a student. The issue is, one student deliberately decides to pick on his or her peer(s) by mentally or physically hurting them. Bullying in schools hinder students learning ability and takes away from the school community. As a pre-service teacher, I want to raise awareness about the issues of bullying that continues to affect students and unfortunately, goes unnoticed most of the time. By researching implemented school-based bullying programs, I hope awareness can be raised about the effects and outcomes of these programs, and hypothesize the possible results for if I were to implement them in my own classroom. Bullying …show more content…
Teaching children about the possible harms or ‘side effects’ of bullying from a young age will help instill in them what it means to bully someone and what to do about it if they see it happening within school. If we teach children about these topics in elementary and early childhood, I believe as they get older and go into junior high and high school, those students will be less likely to bully others or be a bystander of bullying; and know what to do if they see it happening to their peers. This paper will first examine what we classify as bullying behaviour’s and who is affected most. Then we will compare the benefits and challenges of implementing school-based bullying programs and different approaches of these programs including an individualized, active engagement, and peer-led programs. Lastly look into bullying platforms in schools with regards to the length of time spent with them, and how different timeframes of programs effect these …show more content…
It is difficult to measure the improvements within school communities in these studies due to the many differences each school displays. The use of different types of platforms within schools may also alter the results of the research, and the learning styles of students within the schools may vary, resulting in mixed outcomes. The programs may not work in all schools, but implementing them will benefit at least some of the students, spark the conversation, increase awareness, and highlight negative behaviors of bullying within school

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