Essay on Bullying Has Changed My Life

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“You won’t amount to anything…you’re too small…you can compete with us”. For my whole life I have been hearing those words from my peers to adults, coaches and the list goes on. During my school career it was a breeze until I got to middle school. Once I hit the sixth grade the name calling and constant judging from the seventh and eighth graders started. However, what really struck me with disbelief was how my “friends” started to treat me, as if joining in on the banter was “cool” and did it to fit in with the older/cooler kids. It was from then on, I carefully chose my friends and put my trust in very few who had earned it. I have experienced, firsthand, what bullying can do to someone whether it was directed towards me or if I was a bystander. Bullying has changed my life, surprisingly, for the better because it has molded my personality and morals in a way that I can be proud of. However, bullying is prevalent in many if not all schools in the United States, and it causes a lot of emotional problems for many of its victims, not to mention the long-term effects that come along with it. Bullying can be as small as some name calling in which their friends may think nothing of it, but it can impact people differently and they may never know what they are doing to their friend. I have personally learned how to deal with the adversity that I have had to face because of my height. To be honest, I sometimes enjoy the obstacles that come with it, because when I overcome…

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