Essay about Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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Bullying exist in all classroom and has for years unrecognized by many teachers.. Sometimes it is over looked because teachers are not looking for specific signs. Bullying comes in different forms physical, verbal, psychological, sexual harassment and cyberbullying. As an educator I may or may not experience these bullying styles at one time; however I will at some point experience these different styles of bullying in my career. I will discuss a few facts about bullying, a few strategies to prevent or stop bullying and then I will share a recent personal experience with preschool bullying. One fact that surprised me about bullying was that the child bullying in fact has very sharp social skills. I never thought about it in the way that children had sharp social skills but as I reflect back on situations yes they do have strong social skills. The bully must be strategic about just how the recruit the followers so that they can dominate the group. That does show strong social skills. Many children in the preschool level have a difficult time developing relationship as well as maintaining them let alone having the skills to manipulate the group. In the book Challenging Behaviors in Young Children states the physically week can be targeted for bullying (Kaiser & Rasminsky, 2012 p.257) I assumed children with special needs have a high opportunity for being a target but I never thought about the clumsy child or the awkward child the one afraid of being harmed. This…

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