Essay about Bullying As An Unwanted Aggressive Behavior ( Swearer )

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When you hear the word bullying what do you think of? Do you think of someone using an action to hurt another person, or do you think of someone using words to hurt someone? Either way, both forms of bullying can be hurtful to others. Bullying is seen a lot in schools. Not only is bullying being done to the students in general education, but also to the students who have disabilities and are in special education. Students in special education are bullied worse than the students in general education and this needs to be put to a stop.
To begin, bullying is defined as an unwanted aggressive behavior (Swearer). There are three main types of bullying, which include: verbal, emotional and physical. Verbal bullying is when someone is saying or writing mean/hurtful things about someone else (Swearer). Emotional bullying is when the person’s feelings or relationships are being hurt. Physical bullying is when a person’s body or possessions are being hurt Swearer). All types of bullying can be very hurtful to someone and there is not one type that is worse than the others because everyone gets hurt in a different way. Going along with the types of bullying, cyberbullying is becoming more common with the new generations. Cyberbullying is when bullying takes place using electronic technology (Didden). Cyberbullying can happen over the internet and on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Cyberbullying can also happen over cellphones. Texting is very…

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