Essay on Bullying And The Victim Bully

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Bullying comes in a variety of forms all ending up being negative. There are three main types of bullying: physical, verbal, and emotional bullying. Bullying also includes three types of victims: passive victim, bully/reactive victim, and the victim bully. A passive victim involves 85% of people that are being bullied, most people are like this. The bully/reactive victim is both a bully and the target of others, the bully/reactive victim are the ones in which get bullied and are mean to everyone. The last type of victim is the victim bully, the victim bully was once the victim of being bullied, but then turned into a bully. Most people think that every bully was once a victim, but ending with the circumstances of being the victim they were so fed up and ended becoming a bully. Bullying in general is an aggressive behavior towards another person, in where the bully feels in control. The bully in most cases does not like themselves, which sometimes leads to bullying others. More boys than girls are bullied and there is an imbalance of power in between. An example of having an imbalance of power is when a young adult is bigger than others and also when a child feels more important that everyone else around. Physical bullying basically involves physical actions. Some examples of physical force are shoving, kicking, fighting, and pulling hair. The situation behind physical bullying is to gain the control of the victim and to feel better about what is being done. Verbal bullying…

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