The Three Main Forms Of Bullying

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1) Bullying is a repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behavior. It is harmful and involves misuse of power by one person or group towards and individual or a group eg. Hitting(physical), harassment, insulting(emotional) . (NSW, n.d.)

2) The main Forms of Bullying:
Physical: When an individual or group uses a plainly apparent act of physical force to gain power over an individual or group. Eg.A boy beating up another boy by kicking, punching, scratching, tripping in order to gain power over him. (Tweens, n.d.)
Emotional: A deliberate attempt to hurt someone else by teasing them, talking viciously, spreading rumors or excluding them from group activities. Eg. A girl spreading rumours about another girl to humiliate her and hurt
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o Power Imbalance- When there is a power imbalance meaning one person has more power over the other. This makes it hard for the target to defend them self. This power imbalance can be physical or psychological eg. Age, larger or stronger or a gang targeting one victim. It is not bulling when somone for example pushes you in a joking manner and you just laugh it off because you were not over powered by the person. o Repetitive Actions- Bullying does not happen once but it is repeated and is usually sustained. It is the same act over and over again. Eg. Damaging homework or calling target names, posting mean comments online etc. It is not bullying when someone for example pushes you against a locker once and never does it again or they say something to insult you but does not repeat this. o Intentional actions- the bully will intend to hurt or harm target Eg. They will harass them on purpose. It is not bullying if someone mistakenly walks into you and you fall over because they did not do it with an intention to hurt …show more content…
Being bullied can make you feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It also makes you feel unsafe and as if there is something wrong with you, you lose confidence and you eventually feel like you do not want to go to school because you feel sick and afraid of being bullied. You will also feel the need to be alone and slowly withdraw from family and school activities. Being bullied will lead to shyness, panic attacks and not being able to sleep due to nightmares etc. It can also affect your performance at school as you will be under stress about when you’re going to be bullied again this then leads to anxiety. You will then have difficulty concentrating as anxiety and stress will decrease your ability to focus and your memory retention will decrease as well. On a much more serious note, bullying can make you suicidal and encourage violent behaviour. (Alberta,

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