Three Types Of Bullying Analysis

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A sociology issue that I have picked is bullying. Bullying is defined is a person, adult, or child, who hurts or intimidates others weaker than himself or herself. (Cowan, 2004)The newspaper stories I will review cover three types of bullying. The reason why I picked this topic is because I have a personal connection with bullying issues and I am an advocate for our society to stand up to this sociology problem. A lot of bullying is to deal with power and influence on others.
The three news articles that I have picked deal with different types of bullying. The first article is about special needs bullying, the second news article is about cyber bullying and the third article is about physical bullying.
Special Needs Bullying This story
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First, not a lot of cases are not taken to the law. The symbolic interactionist focuses on three main questions: 1. How do people experience society? (Becca Bowen, Travis Tucker, Ashton Dillion, 2013) With this question victims who have special needs already have a hard time with their lives and bullying can make it harder.
2. How do the people shape the reality they experience? (Becca Bowen, Travis Tucker, Ashton Dillion, 2013)Deon who was a kind teen who was a sweet natured teen. This meant that he was nice and loving boy who had some difficulties with schools (Becca Bowen, Travis Tucker, Ashton Dillion, 2013).
3. How does behaviour, meaning and change the person? (Becca Bowen, Travis Tucker, Ashton Dillion, 2013) The negative behaviour affected this young to an extent where he could no longer face the bullies or the school every day. This can result in negative attitudes to the school board with close family members. It could also take a negative effect on the community because other parents might be questioning what the school board would do to stop future bullying incidents before they get to this
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Physical bullying includes actions like name calling, and stalking behaviors. This can also lead to more violent behaviour like hitting or intimidating others. This can happen in groups and individuals. This story is about how a boy in the fourth grade was getting bullied on the bus. The bullies physically abused him “.smacking me in the face, and rubbing spit on my hand and smacking me with it and spitting on me in general," he said. (Periez, 2016)His mom asked him why he did not make the other kids stop. (Periez, 2016) Actually several kids have singled out Brahim and have been bullying him for months. He told her that “If he hit one of them, he would have to fight them all.” Fayall said. (Periez, 2016)Another student who was afraid to do the physical attack decided to videotape the incident to prove what was happening. (Periez, 2016) Chester-Upland School District has suspended a student seen on video bullying a classmate, and will transfer the victim to another school. (Periez, 2016) The victim’s mom was open to her son getting transferred to another school. (Periez,

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