The Three Types Of Bullying

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Life is a fight, but not everyone 's a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species. -Andrew Vachss

Did you know one in four students have reported being bullied, from elementary to high school? “LGBT students experience worse bullying, with 86% reporting incidents. Over 160,000 students stay home from school on any given day because they are afraid of being bullied. Every seven minutes on the playground, a child is being bullied. In 85% of the cases there is no intervention, nearly 70% of the students feel that schools are ineffective at dealing with bullying, and that it the case with all adult help”. The worst part is not all cases are reported, so the true statistics would be even more disturbing. I am involved with STOMP
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Well there are many types of bullying and today I will be talking about 3 types of bullying. First is Physical Bullying, Physical bullying can be when a person or a group of people picks on or torments another person in an aggressive manner. It can be a more aggressive and have more direct acts to purposefully hurt the person in a more instant way. This type of bullying basically involves the use of physical force. Second is Verbal Bullying, Verbal bullying is when you use words in a negative way like insults, teasing, putdowns, or in a way to have power over someone else 's life. Many people 's lives are wounded or destroyed by verbal abuse at home, in business and school. Third is Emotional Bullying. Some people think of emotional bullying as childish behavior, but research shows that emotional bullying can leave horrible scars on its victims. In fact, people who have experienced emotional bullying are more likely to turn around and become bullies themselves. Emotional bullying is an act that includes intimidation, verbal assault, humiliation, isolation, or to make someone feel as if they were younger, or to make a person 's sense of identity feel less, dignity, and self-worth. Examples of emotional bullying include cruel teasing, spreading humiliating rumors about someone , excluding kids from group activities, and talking bad about people behind their

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