Bullying And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

1650 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Bullying is such a delicate subject that it leaves people at a vulnerable stage where all trust is given to the person in responsible to deal with, but when that is not the case, there are consequences to both the organization and target. Bullying is an issue that should not be taken lightly as every situation is different which means there should be a different approach to all cases. However, HRPs take the issue into something they cannot handle which can cost the organization dearly as employment turnover will likely to increase from these unsolved bullying claims.
The core issues being addressed is the bullying that takes place with the managers to employees with little or no help from the HRP. This then results in low levels of trust to address the bullying that is happening as the end result is mounting to nothing happening leaving the target vulnerable. Also, due to the good relationship with the HRP and managers, bullying complaints are taken lightly or dealt with unfairly as they conflict the policy and so relationships of HRP and managers are not at risk.
The core questions that are being asked is that, is there any trust between the HRP-management and employee? As without trust, the organization will suffer in terms of its performance. Also, how the HRP is dealing with the bullying complaints as in the beginning employees are told that an investigation will be instigated of any bullying complaints. (Salin, 2008; Rayner and Lewis, 2011, p395)

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