Essay On Bullying In Nursing

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“While working at a hospital as a Registered nurse, I was being bullied every day at work I became withdrawn, severely depressed, I would break down and cry every day after work. It was a nightmare,” explained my mother as a new nurse. Horizontal bullying is a purposeful and harmful behavior demonstrated in the workplace by one employee to another which, is a significant problem in the nursing profession. It is a life-threatening problem affecting the healthcare; it should not be neglected it. Nurse to nurse bullying in the workplace can have an impact on new nurses, the treatment of the patients, and lack of job satisfaction in the health care field. However horizontal bullying is not the only reason why nurses leave the profession, …show more content…
Many nurses encounter several challenges in the workplace that interfere with patient care. When nurses are not assisting one another and working together while providing care, the patients are at greater risk of harm. Nurses who feel disempowered and powerless around doctors, managers, and other nurses will sometimes take their anger out of patients. As a result, new nurses verbally or physically abuse the patients for a sense of authority. Nurses who gets bullied are less likely to call co-workers at the time of need for assistance if they are not comfortable asking colleagues for guidance which leads to conditions where patients may not obtain the care they need when they need it. In health care organizations nationwide, there are many cases resulting in patients’ unanticipated death or lifelong disability can be discovered back to neglecting communications. Granstra (2015) explained “Horizontal bullying damages relationships in the entire healthcare organization because of the ever growing rift between employees. Poor communication resulting from bullying causes healthcare teams to separate even further” (p.252). To the public, the nursing profession demonstrates affection and sympathy yet bullying may occur in all areas where nursing is

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