Bullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

1467 Words May 31st, 2016 6 Pages
During the 1800’s, people barely started to discover what bullying was and how it affected others. Bullying is any form of taunting to someone to an extent where that person is physically or emotionally hurt. There was a book written in 1857 known as the first piece of literature that pointed out the problem of bullying (Timetoast). As more years progressed and more knowledge of bullying was developed, people were able to experience some other effects of bullying during the late 1900’s like self harm. There are many different bullying cases that placed a great impact for improvement to the world. There were more suicide stories that created the idea that bullying was a form of verbally or physically taunting someone (Timetoast). Even today, the definition of bullying continues to progress in order to ensure people’s safety. As of now, bullying is when someone shows superiorness to another in a form which the person being bullied feels scared or worried (Bullying Definition). Everyone has their own responsibilities.; for example, parents have the responsibility of another person’s life, their child. It’s crazy to believe how much responsibility they are in charge with. For example, parents have to feed and make sure their child is physically and emotionally healthy. In order to determine whether someone is emotionally healthy is difficult because people can’t be sure if someone is pretending about their feelings. For example, someone could pretend to be happy because they…

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