Bullying And Its Effects On Children Essay

1240 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
A bully is someone who intimidates people they deem weaker than them using power or brute force. Bullying can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and self-harm. In recent television history, they have tried to input bullying in television shows to encourage teens and adults alike to come forth with these issues on being bullied and tell someone. Glee is a good example of individuals trying to come together and overcome bullying as a group with the help of their teacher Will. Bullying affects a lot of people and not just the victim, but the victim’s family and the bully as well. In this paper, we will dissect certain bully-themed episode of Glee where the Victims overcome these trial and tribulations while also overcoming the bully who get their comeuppance in the end. Furthermore, this essay will use pathos and logos to establish ethos to see if these episodes are credible enough on the topic of bullying.
Glee is a teenage based Musical comedy-drama show that follows a group of teens in high school glee club, called the New Directioners through their high school years up to after college. Throughout the 6 seasons that aired the glee club’s members deal with social issues, such as bullying, especially regarding their sexualities and ethnic backgrounds, complicated relationships, and learning to become a proactive team overall. In this glee club, there is a diverse group of individuals, we have the cheerleaders, the Asians, the jocks, the black girl, the Jewish girl, and the…

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