Freak And Geeks Analysis

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“ A defaced locker, a humiliated freshman. And the busty succubus from Hell. Perhaps we’ve left McKinley High. And entered the chilling corridors of The Twilight Zone” - Neal. High school is full of types of people, one being a the bully who terrorizes students due to being bullied at home. In the television show Freak and Geeks, by Paul Feig, the prominent bully, Kim Kelly comes from a broken home that makes her act hostile around others. Kim Kelly is introduced as the bully right off the bat, bullying Sam and his friends. Also, she is rude to Lindsay due to her joining the “freaks” moreover she tells Nick that she doesn’t “feel like being abused today. I mean, I give up, you know? I go out of my way to be nice to her but it’s like-argh- no matter what I do, you know?” (Feig). No matter what Lindsay does Kim ends up ruining her day. Nick tells Kim to be nice to Lindsay and ends up inviting her over to have dinner with her parents. When they arrive at Kim’s house the atmosphere changes to a series mood to make sure Lindsay isn’t like Kim’s …show more content…
The environments Lindsay and Kim are raised by differ from being wealthy to just getting by on a daily basis. People don’t realize what people surrounding them go through. Lindsay will never understand what it is like to be from a broken home and many students at her school don’t know what Kim’s home environment is like. Therefore, Kim doesn’t know any better on how to act than to be treated the way she is at home. Most bullies are created due to being the victim at home. The environment a person is raised in affects their attitude towards others. Being in broken home negatively reflects the child into thinking they aren’t good enough causing low self esteem. Throughout the episode Kim is portrayed as a victim and a bully due to her being part of a disoriented

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