Bullying Against Transgender Teens Will Only Become More Rampant

1160 Words Dec 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Bullying against transgender teens will only become more rampant if they are forced to use the “correct” bathroom or have special accommodations made for them. There is already a societal stigma towards transgenders for just being, which is made even worse by differentiating them from their peers. Making transgender students use the staff bathroom or the bathroom of their biological sex only encourages the disapproving atmosphere many have to deal with at an institution that is supposed to be a safe learning environment. Transgenders face a much higher risk of suicide than the norm-- a massive 41 percent as compared to the 4.6 percent in the general public (Ungar). Though transgender students may be okay with using alternate accommodations such as staff bathrooms, often times these accommodations may be located in such a way that interferes with the student’s school day. If a staff bathroom is on the first floor while a student’s class is on the second, the student might not have enough time to use the bathroom and arrive to class on time. The typical school tends to give two to three minutes maximum between classes, making it hard for transgender students to use these options. Many of these students feel uncomfortable with using the restroom of their biological sex, leaving them with only one other option that truly is not one. Bathrooms are used to do just that-- use the bathroom. In many restrooms, stalls are there to maintain a level of privacy. If the men’s…

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