Building Safe and Healthy Society Essay

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This review essay is based on the report “Building Safe, Active Communities: Strong foundations by local people”, the third report written by Baroness Helen Newlove, the Government’s Champion for Active, Safer Communities (Newlove, H, 2012). The report covers issues in areas of community safety, voluntary and community sector as well as community engagement. In Baroness Newlove’s view, “local people are the foundations for safe, active communities”. (Newlove, H, 2012). The report, which highlighted various case studies from different communities, is aimed at offering advice, know-how and a map for grassroots activists to follow, which will bring new ideas that have been proven to work. In essence the report called for a change of culture …show more content…
She promotes responsibilisation and encourages communities to rely on themselves to bring about a safe and active community, rather than always waiting on agencies. (Newlove, H, 2012). As earlier mentioned, her report also evaluates the progress of her first two reports and challenges local agencies and the central government to take actions on her findings.

Furthermore, the report includes stories of community action from her seven ‘Newlove neighbourhoods, showcasing a cross section of areas and the various stages of community development. There are also numerous case studies showing activity and innovation across areas such as crime, young people, housing and participatory budgeting. The report will come handy for the use of executive members and people responsible for the community safety and crime, community engagement, equalities, youth as well as public health and those that has connection with local communities and voluntary groups. Also it will be useful for Crime Safety Partnerships and anyone with links to local Community and Voluntary Sector umbrella bodies and those who desires to do more for their communities. (Newlove, H, 2012)

The idea of ‘Community’ has

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