Building Relationships : Under What Conditions Do You Shut Down Communication?

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Under what conditions do you shut down communication?

Although, I know it is one of the most important things in both business and personal; communication seems to be something that I struggle with. I tend to catch myself shutting down communication quite often. Mostly when I feel like I am not being valued. There are times where I may shut down communication if I am apprehensive at the outcome of what is being communicated.
What beliefs are causing you to shut down?
My fear of failing, being, inadequate, or not seen can cause me to shut down. I tend to become quite, when I am normally an outspoken person.
How can you be more open in future situations?
For me, I think that I just need to focus more on the listening rather than what’s going on in my head at the time. There are times that I miss out on important information because I am skimming the conversation while I am working another solution in my head. I can’t be open if I can’t listen authentically.
How can you move from the “I” to the “We” of leadership more often?

I am “we” leader, I haven’t had any issues of being an “I” leader in any position. I am usually called the mother hen for my abilities to coach, train, lead by example, build interpersonal relationships, lead with integrity, and mentor. I do have the pleasure of saying that my team will follow without any questions. I treat my team with respect and integrity and I truly want them to do the best that they can, and they know this.…

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