Essay on Building Customer Loyalty Requires A Multifaceted Approach

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Building customer loyalty requires a multifaceted approach. Before you begin your brand-building campaign, you must thoroughly understand your ideal clientele. Once you have researched your target demographic, you need to find ways to your buyers’ needs. One way to do this is by providing quality customer service. You can use technology to increase organizational efficiency and provide higher service levels to more patrons. Successful loyalty building is an ongoing learning and revision process.

Know Your Buyers

According to the Marketing Donut, understanding your customers is the first step towards building brand loyalty. [1] It is important that you understand how and why consumers patronize your establishment as well as what goods or services they purchase. Using a database, you can store and analyze these metrics. An Entrepreneur website article suggests that with basic information, such as birth dates, you can find ideal touch-points, which are opportunities to deliver your message. [2] An article, penned by best-selling business author Kevin Daum on the Inc. website asserts that these opportunities allow you to let your client-base know that you value them and further rapport with your brand. [3] The Market Donut recommends that you also learn about your consumers via direct feedback; you can ask new buyers why they are patronizing your firm, and set up a hotline so that existing clients can resolve issues easily and help you identify possible improvements. [1]…

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