Buddhism in the Media Essay

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Buddhism in Hollywood
Jaime Palomo
World Religion RE 109
Nancy Almodovar
May 1, 2016

“You’re going to steal it?, No we’re going to give it back, we must give back more than we take.” This quote was taken from the movie Point Break. Buddhism ideas in Hollywood has been portrayed in countless movies, however, are these ideas that Hollywood portray are authentic? In this short essay I will give example on how accurate Hollywood is when dealing with Buddhist idea. Religious stereotypes can be found throughout a wide variety of shows, movies, and commercials, however are these depictions as accurate as you think? For example in an episode of family guy entitled “Mom’s the Word”, Stewie Griffin’s grandmother recent dies and it is
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When it comes to emotions and the Buddhist religion this portrays Buddhist pretty accurately. In the Family Guy show the Buddhist is apparently celebrating his birthday and receives 2 birthday gifts. One is a brand new Lexus car and the other is a tie clip. The Buddhist replies by saying thank you, these are both equal to me. In the Buddhist religion they are taught not to value personal attachments. This does not mean that they don’t value friendship or loved ones, this is referring to objects that can cause numerous feelings. These feeling can be explained in the four noble truths, these are what Buddha’s first sermon was centered around after reaching enlightenment. These include the truth of suffering, which is referred to as dukkha. The truth of the cause of suffering, which is referred to as samudaya. The truth of the end of suffering, which is referred to as nirhodha and the truth of the path that frees us from suffering, which is known as magga. In the movie Point Break, I feel that Buddhism is not really represented in the most accurate content. One of the main characters name is Bodhi, which is short for Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is a being that is motivated by great compassion, that has reached enlightenment. His lifestyle is supposed to resemble that one a Zen like Buddhist, but in my option its one more of like a common day criminal. I say this because when one thinks of Zen, you don’t think about

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