Hinduism And The Rise Of Buddhism Essay example

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Joshua Englander
Dr. John Knight
World Religions
Hinduism and the rise of Buddhism
All religions, both current and extinct, have their similarities and differences. When people discuss the history of religion and the impact it has created amongst societies dating back thousands of years, you usually hear about only the most popular religion based on your area, or the top two or three religions that still exist today. You are told at a young age why your family’s religion is correct and why outside religions are incorrect. As a result, stereotypes form. In the United States for example, Christians are by far the biggest group of religious followers and are affiliated with most Americans by the rest of the world whereas in the Middle East it would most likely be the religion of Islam that would be taking central root as the correct faith in the eyes of the most powerful. Most of the Western world sees this continent as only of Islam descent, which of course is far from the truth.
Many out there, including myself, believe that most religions in history took some inspiration from one another whether they want to admit to it or not. An individual can have a certain belief that will either change or stay the same based on his or her surrounding environment. There might be exceptions to this idea like the religion scientology but they remain the exception to the rule. A perfect example of this comes from the rise of Buddhism, and its eventual separation from…

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