Hinduism And Buddhism Essay

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Hinduism and Buddhism: Key Developments and Differences
Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions, widely practiced and existing on the earth for centuries. Both religions have various similarities and differences in terms of their development, emergence, central idea, and philosophies. This paper discusses various similarities and differences of both religions.
Hinduism, which is the 3rd largest religion after Christianity & Islam is followed by the majority of people living in India. Hinduism has an estimated 800 million followers at the turn of the millennium. (example from text pg 229) This makes it one of the fastest growing religions after Islam. The founder of the Hindu religion and origins are not known. It is more aptly described as a collection or family of religions with a shared heritage and commonalities as well as marked differences. The
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Like Hinduism, Buddhism does not believe in “Salvation”. Their primary objective is to achieve Nirvana by letting off all the desires, physical & emotional attachments and ignorance. Buddhism informs that cycle of death and reincarnation in 31 realms, is governed by the Karma. Good deeds can take people to reborn in 26 realms, also known as happiness realms; while bad deeds can take people to reborn in remaining 5 realms of pain and sufferings. Until Nirvana, people get reborn in any 31 realms depending upon their Karma (Nandan and Jangubhai 29-30).
Hinduism and Buddhism both religions have various similarities and differences, but both religions emphasizes on good karma and believe that good karma can relieve people from all sufferings and pain. Both religions also believe in re-birth. Use of statue and scriptures is common in both religions. However, Hinduism has four Vedas and Buddhism has Tripitaka. Both religions also respect other

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