Essay on Buddhism : Buddhism And Buddhism

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Buddhism originated in Nepal 2,500 years ago, circa 563 BCE (Buddhism). The founder of Buddhism was Gautama Buddha, and he was born as Prince Siddhartha (A Basic Buddhism Guide). There is a population of 300-350 million followers (A Basic Buddhism Guide). Daoism originated in China approximately 550 BCE (Pregadio, F., SHENG). Daoism is practiced in Taoist monasteries, temples, and shrines. The population is made up of 30-40 million followers. Daoism was founded by Laozi (Pregadio, F., SHENG). Buddhism and Daoism have different practices and perspectives on how to reach or obtain a certain goal, which make them have more contrasts rather than similarities.
The goal of Buddhism was the philosophy to eliminate mental suffering. Their practices include: “Practices of the Threefold Training: Virtue, Concentration, and Wisdom (also known as the Noble Eightfold)” (A Basic Buddhism Guide). Common locations of worship for Buddhism are in Buddhist monasteries, temples, and shrines. Two Holy days that I found included the “Vesak day, where the birth, awakening, and parinirvana of the Buddha is celebrated” (A Basic Buddhism Guide). In Buddhism they believe that Nirvana is not attained during one 's lifetime, rather that the aggregates would renew into a complete different being in an afterlife. But, there are also certain qualities that if they are conquered it could cause one’s karmas any type of aggregation, for example: rocks, stars, or plants (Buddhism). According to…

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