Bsop 434 All Quizzes (Week 3 Plus Week 6) Essay

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BSOP 434 All Quizzes (Week 3 plus Week 6)

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BSOP 434 Week 3 Quiz (Version 1)
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1. (TCO 2) Which of the following are not key attributes of supply chain management? (Points : 3)
2. (TCO 2) Sorting customers into groups with similar logistical needs and wants and then providing them with the service appropriate to those needs and wants is known as: (Points : 3)
3. (TCO 2) The current Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF) model identifies ____________ key processes associated with supply chain management. (Points : 3)
4. (TCO 2) Cooperative supply chain relationships developed to enhance the overall business
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4. (TCO 2) Cooperative supply chain relationships developed to enhance the overall business performance of both parties is a definition of:
5. (TCO 1) Stocks of goods and materials maintained for satisfaction of demand are known as:
6. (TCO 1) Inventory held for a number of reasons, including projected price increases, seasonal demand, and potential stockouts, is referred to as:
7. (TCO 1) Inventory turnover can be calculated by: (Points : 3)
• Page 2
1. (TCO 3) A transportation manager who purchases a prespecified level of transportation services, regardless of the mode(s) and/or carrier(s) providing the transportation services, is known as a(n):
2. (TCO 3) Transportation specialists who look to match the shipper’s freight with a carrier are known as:
3. (TCO 3) Which mode was not the best or worst on any of the six attributes (e.g., capability, flexibility, etc.) used to compare the modes?
4. (TCO 4) How can advances in technology and communication influence the facility location decision?
5. (TCO 3) How are carriers legally classified?
6. (TCO 6) What are the five ways an order can be transmitted?
7. (TCO 5) What is unit load?

BSOP 434 Week 6 Quiz (Version 1 )
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1. (TCO 7) The _____________ recognizes U.S. organizations for their achievements in quality and performance.
2. (TCO 7) Which of the following is not a typical task or objective

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