Bsa 385 Week 2 Essay

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Developing software is far from an exact science and without a structured system to guide the process a project is likely to fail. Defining and adhering to a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) early in the project will help to guide the development of a new information system. In addition to having the structure for the development team to work within a defined and agree upon SDLC will help to set the proper expectations for deliverables with the stakeholders and customer(s). Smith Consulting has been given the task of creating a Frequent Shopper program for Kudler Fine Foods. As a result Smith Consulting needs to decide on which SDLC will work best for this project. In addition to selecting a SDLC to use Smith Consulting will …show more content…
Once each phase is complete the next can begin, this is easy to communicate and manage.
Testing during the Waterfall development cycle is clearly defined and occurs after the code has been implemented. The test team creates Test Plans, Cases, and any other artifacts during the Requirement, Design, and Implementation phases so that when the code is ready the team can begin the quality passes. The testing phase is complete when the test team has reached the quality goal that has been agreed upon with the development and management teams.
The advantages of Waterfall are also some of the biggest disadvantages as well. Many times these phases can take a long time to be completed and by the time the customer has a working system. Once the customer has received the final software the requirements may have changed or the system does not meet the expectations. If either of these situations occurs then the process would need to be repeated.
The other SDLC that Smith Consulting should consider is Scrum which is an Agile development methodology. The term Scrum is in reference to the sport Rugby where teams huddle together to begin a game. The principle idea with Scrum is the focus on creating working software over documentation. This is not to say that there that documentation does not occur during Scrum but it is only created when it is deemed

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