Brrinker International Case Study

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“The role of an organizational culture can be related to the roots of a tree. Like tree roots, organizational culture provides life and a healthy platform for performance of an organization. It also provides provide stability and nourishment for organizations.”

The Functions of Organisation culture that Brinker International may encounter includes the following:
1. The first function of culture is that it has a Boundary-Defining role which means that culture helps to create distinctions between Brinker International to another organisation. Culture also eliminates ambiguity at workplace
2. Culture conveys a sense of identity for the organisation members.

3. It facilitates commitment to something larger than individual self-interests. Culture
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Barrier to change:
Brinker International is undergoing lot of changes, and if these changes are not managed properly, it can impede the desired change. This can hinder the progress of Brinker international in the future.
“When organisation is undergoing rapid change, its entrenched culture may no longer be appropriate”
Brinker International culture can also be a liability if shared customs, values and traditions do not agree with those that are derived to further an organization’s efficiency.
2. Barrier to Diversity:
Strong cultures put a lot of pressure on the employees to conform to the accepted values and styles of the organisation. Even the new employees who belong to different race, religion etc. are expected to conform to the organization’s core cultural values, otherwise they are deemed to be unfit for the organisation.
We can all agree that Brinker international has a very strong culture and if they do not acknowledge the fact that people from different backgrounds bring unique strengths to the organisation, this can lead to Barrier to Diversity. Barriers to diversity are also possible if Brinker International bias or become insensitive to people who are different in one way or the

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