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There is nothing mystical or magical about Brecht’s plays: everything is on view, and the audience never forgets they are in a theatre. Brecht likes relates his theatre to a sporting event. Sports fans are familiar with the rules of the games they watch, and will argue vociferously with the referees when they disagree with a call. As our notes about Brechtian technique on October 29th said, “Brechtian technique always refers to the combination of a particular stage technique with a political point of view.” Alex, Taylor, George, and I performed about “2016 CSU Presidential Election.” We did this to apply the Brechtian techniques to a political issue; in this case the debate. To achieve this, we use “dictadisim”. A didactic is a type of story …show more content…
Instead, they were going back and forward with things that they have done in the past. The script was written in that way with two objectives. The fist one, was to use satire in our play; and the second one was to create consciousness in the audience. The purpose of “Brecth theater” are the pleasures of thinking and arguing. He wants the audience to actively engage with the drama and participate in an event that in all senses of the word is activating (Class notes, 10/29). Brecht wanted to find a way to challenge his audience more than theatre did at the time. He wanted the audience to question the motives of his characters. He liked for his audiences ' predictions for the play to be completely off from what happens. Things like being accused of sexual assault during the debate can cause humor; however, such things are a reality. We try to make our characters very silly and give the play a humorous tone to apply satire to the …show more content…
In things like politics, usually the “common people” which in this case are the American citizens get ignored by politicians. We can observe this in this part of the script.

Yes! We need to improve the relations, so what are some examples of how you would do this miss Plinton?
Claire Plinton:
Completely ignoring the moderator
My opponent would be more concerned with sexually assaulting the commuters rather than improving relations!
Jonathan Flump:
Well MY opponent would be more focused on helping the on campus residents cheat their way into the classrooms rather than improving relations!
Stands up fuming
This is ridiculous!
All of these key issues and you two morons can only focus on bashing each other, it makes me sick!
The students want a candidate that will actually make good changes for our school, not a candidate that’s just a little less shitty than the other.
I’m out of here, I can’t take this anymore.

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