Berthold Brecht's Techniques In Epic Theatre

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Using specific examples from Brecht’s methodology and plays you have seen discuss the influence that Berthold Brecht’s theories regarding production techniques have had on the theatre of today using examples from a play or plays you have seen.

Berthold Brecht is the German born playwright, theatre director and father of “epic theatre” (, 2015). In this essay I will be observing how Brecht has influenced other playwrights over the years, to do this I have a play (The ballad of the burning star) and a musical (1998 Broadway version of caberet) as case studies. I will then compare the examples I find to Brecht’s own work.

Brecht gave future generations many methods to incorporate into their performances such as;
Verfremdungseffekt- To break the fourth wall and address the audience, an example of this is in “mother courage and her children” when a
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Next a variation of complex seeing where the supporting actors listed the atrocities the Jews have faced in recorded history at this point the lead starts to look bored and impatient quite early on almost suggesting that all of this is never a justification for any negative act caused by a modern day Jewish person, in this same section we also get yet another example of Verfremdungseffekt when he actually just tells us that “this will be a while” and “you might as well go to the bar” this particular example is surely just so we don’t start sympathizing with the Jews over the Arabs keeping us un-invested and also making sure we can give our own opinion not one forced on

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