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Kim Collins. Daughter, Mother, Sister, Friend and great communicator! When you think of why someone would choose a person as a great communicator, there are an inordinate amount of qualities to choose from. Those qualities do serve as part of the reason I chose my friend Kim but they only serve as part of the bigger picture. I’ve known her for over ten years and her understanding of communication never ceases to amaze me. I chose her simply because she has an understanding that surpasses the standard rubric of communication.
Just recently I was talking with Kimberly over the phone and we were discussing the current Presidential election and each candidate’s views. While discussing this topic with me, it stayed on the level of which it
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You know, the obvious such as great articulation, concise, proper grammar, etc. What intrigues me about how she communicates is how she is able to master the art of taking her intended audience into consideration which allows her to tailor her message accordingly. She has also mastered the art of being an active listener which in itself is not so easy to master. Both of these skills, in my opinion, are two of the most important qualities of a great communicator. When delivering a message, there is always an audience whether a single person or a large group. If they can’t interpret what you’re trying to convey or they feel you are not listening to what they have to say, the message becomes both inefficient and …show more content…
Her written communication is just as precise and effective. I consider myself to be a very observant and resourceful person, especially if it’s something that I can digest and use to make me better in any aspect of my life. Kim’s communication skills happen to be one of those things. Because of her, I am now very cognizant of not only how I communicate but also my intended audience. Although I haven’t quite mastered the art of being an active listener, I am definitely a lot better than I was before we were friends. I also see the same skilled level of communication developing within her daughter. I’ve witnessed in several conversations between her and her daughter where they would swap roles as communicator and listener. I’d notice how when Kim was the communicator, her daughter gave her same respect as a listener. She would listen without interruption and I could tell she was clearly seeking to get a clear understanding from what was being communicated to her. Needless to say Kim’s sphere on influence spans further than just

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