Who Is The Worst President?

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Thirty-two years ago, idiotic people voted the worst president in the whole wide world. Then the people who didn 't vote for him moved to another country. He made the taxes go up for the middle class rather than the upper class. As he is rich, he did not want to squander his wealth, plus he did not care for the common people. Although even the people moved to different countries, some people who did vote for him who are from the middle class got really exasperated. Therefore they created an organization to impeach him. As will they try to assassinate him, but they couldn 't at the time. The people from the upper class cherished him. Therefore, they took action of people who was trying to kill him again and put them in jail. However, the organization …show more content…
Normally, today is like any other day, however, today is election day. Also, the people get the day off on Election Day because it 's an important day every four years. Also in the past, people got away from not voting because they had excuses for not to vote. But not this era the government made an app so you can vote as long as you are viewing the last debate of the two candidates. The people who are running for president had been campaigning for a year already moreover, no one certainly knows who to choose preferentially if they do, others are just choosing because they don 't want to vote for someone who is a prejudiced, or simply a terrible candidate. As well as the opposite candidate isn 't the greatest either, although it will do. Lucky the candidate has someone buy it side who governed the country already and a person who is from the same party. As well as a likable president who lasted for a long time in the white house as president. Some people don 't genuinely care about this day because people considered the election is rigged by the government. Along with they believed the government would pick a good president for to run a great …show more content…
"Good evening from Michael University in Lester, New Hampshire." said the Speaker
"I 'm Oliver Hester reporter of WWTV regularly news, I want to embrace you to the last presidential debate. The cooperators tonight are Abigail Campbell and Carolina Bloom. This debate is supported by the representatives on presidential debates, an independent charitable foundation. The representatives selected tonight composition including the precepts have been accepted through by the campaigns. The three hours debate is separated into six sections, each eighteen minutes long. We disposition investigate two or three subject areas tonight delivering accomplishment, America’s management and achieving America. At the inception of each section, I will propose the equivalent question to both candidates moreover they will an individual have up to 5 minutes to answer. Of that period until the close of the section, we disposition have an open debate. The questions are mine containing not been dispensed with the commission or the campaigns. The audience here in the room must agree to endure silently so that we can concentrate on what the candidates are responding. I will encourage you to clap yet at this time as we embrace the candidates. Democratic nominee for President of the United States Abigail Campbell and Republican nominee for president of the United States Carolina

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