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Information Systems

Barry Brown


What is a CRM, SCM, and ERP? (CRM) stands for customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is the “Business and technology discipline that uses information systems to coordinate all of the business processes surrounding the firm’s interactions with its customers in sales, marketing, and service” (Laudon, P. Laudon, C). (SCM) stands for supply chain management systems which is “information systems that automate the flow of information between a firm and its suppliers in order to optimize the planning, sourcing manufacturing, and delivery of products and services” (Laudon, P. Laudon, C). (ERP) stands for Enterprise resource planning “is a business
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Website issues can happen with any company because of the way technology is steady growing in the world. Websites should not be too hard for customers to navigate because they will take customers away from a business. The best way to make sure a business can stay out of website issues is to find a good service provider to help whenever problems occur. Product problems can also be a big problem with electronic commerce business. Most customers buy products on line from the way the product is described and shown. Companies need to also remember that products that are shown on the website also need to be in stock. Companies can succeed or die by inventory.
How would you go about overcoming the issues that lead to electronic commerce business failures? Some of the issues that companies should make sure they watch out for are: no real investments, no cash flow, poor inventory management, too much competition, a bad website, poor product photography, no website traffic, and no patience. If you do not really have a real investment then you can open up a business. In order to overcome this situation is to make sure you have enough capital were you will need to keep investing into the company. Not having a good cash flow is also not well for an internet business. Make sure that whatever you open a company in that you have done your

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