Why Are All The Cartoon Mother's Dead Character Analysis

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Growing up, I had always believed that families operated on a balanced system set in place by a mother and a father. I never saw the man as the main provider of the household or the woman as the lesser counterpart. In my family, both my mother and father contributed to our family equally. I do not mean to say that both of my parents were bringing in equal paychecks, because that was not the case, I am saying that where one parent slacked in a certain area the other picked up for it. The balance was what kept my family together. I had also always believed that a family worked well together if the mother and father married for the correct reasons. Of course, I believe the only reason to marry someone is because you love them, but I have learned …show more content…
The numerous, detailed examples of children’s movies she listed where mothers were either killed or not present at all, shocked me and caused me to rethink today’s family dynamic. Boxer has a strong belief that these movies are demoralizing mothers and portraying fathers as the hero. She uses the movie Finding Nemo as one of the examples that prove her claim. Boxer states, “Thus Marlin not only replaces the dead mother but becomes the dependable yet adventurous parent Nemo always wanted, one who can both hold him close and let him go. He is protector and playmate, comforter and buddy, mother and father” (88). This example proves her point to be true and is a specific claim to what led to me rethinking my belief on family. Why are children movies portraying mothers as replaceable and of less importance than fathers and what is the message they are trying to get across? These questions went through my mind and caused me to reconsider the myth behind a perfect traditional family. It is no longer common for most American families to have a balanced family consisting of both a mother and father. Divorce rates are rising and families are being forced to run under one parent. This is explained further in the next text we looked at concerning the inequality in American

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