Bronfenbrenner 's The Five Environmental Systems That Has Influences On Judy 's Development

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Bronfenbrenner’s model

Ten years old Judy grew up in an abusive family with a single mother, who has recently been fire. Because of this stress in the issue of income, Judy’s mother turns to alcohol for help. By using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system this report aims to exam the five environmental systems that has influences on Judy’s development. The environmental system includes Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem and Chronosystem. This model helps create positive and negative impacts on Judy’s Development over time.

The Bronfenbrenner’s model starts with Microsystem, which means the role, activities, and relationship in which the child develops. The Neighborhoods, Schools, Families, and peers have an influence on the child’s development. Secondly, Mesosystem means Relationship and connections experienced by the child. This links the Microsystem and the Exosystem. The next level, Exosystem is influences of social events that affect the child development, such as parent’s workplace, church and social services. Then, Macrosystem is Cultural, behaviours patterns and the beliefs, which includes their belief systems, life coarse options and behaviours of the society Lastly, Chronosystem, meaning significant changes over life course due to environmental events.

The positive impact that influences Judy in the Microsystem due to having a disruptive family is that Judy can grow up to be strong and independent in the future, which causes a emotional and moral…

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