Essay on Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Systems Theory

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Teaching philosophy (20% / 200-300 words)

Differing theoretical perspectives are evident in our teaching world, some conflicting and some complementing. However, these different perceptions of teaching, differing pedagogical applications and management of classrooms all share a common goal; that is the critical goal that education has to shaping the lives of Australia’s future citizens. I believe that quality teaching and learning can effectively take place when student’s key instincts drive them towards achieving their full potential. In order for this to take place, I will strive to give immediate feedback to strengthen behaviour in the classroom that facilitates learning. I will endeavour to nurture an environment that will encourage excitement and spark challenges as I believe learning will occur when it has both meaning and relevance in a students life. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological systems theory strongly resonates with my belief of what teaching encompasses. The influential factors within a student’s micro-system: e.g. relationships with family, peers and the community will directly have an impact on a student’s educational development and achievement. As an effective teacher I will aim to focus on student learning through procedural strategies, however remaining flexible and adjusting these in response to the pace of individual understanding. My approach here emphasizes a behavioural perspective- as highlighted by B.F Skinner students are passive and respond to…

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